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"The Untold Story" - GEMA Rocks Cast

"Send My Love (to Your New Lover)" - Danielle Carter

"Chicago" - Lance Langston

"Lonely Boy" - Ray Ficca

"Firefly" - Greta Gaines

"I'm King" - Daniel Breland

"Helium" - Tigers Are Bad For Horses

"You'll Be Back" - Alex Lynn

"Sugaree" - Greta Gaines

"Better and Better" - Danielle Carter

"Gringo In Paradise" - Marcel Arsenault

"Take a Little Ride with Me" - Jim McCormick

"Wait For It" - GEMA Rocks Cast

"Roll With Her" - Tate Tucker

(I Do) Like We Do - Jim McCormick

"This Is Not The End"

- Michael Zakarin and Thomas Massad

Let's Go Crazy - GEMA Rocks Cast